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GET SMART! Promo Shots

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When: 1984?
Photographer: Kenny Fulk?
Notes: FRANK: Another shot from the road. This one was taken just after we arrived early one morning in Dallas, TX for a gig. Probably the same time frame as the St. Louis bus terminal photo. In this pic we again have that "too long for the road" weariness, although it looks like Lisa got a good night's sleep in the back of the van. You can see why Marc ended up with Michael Wertman's sneakers. Beside me is an old army surplus gas mask bag which served as my camera bag. I had that bag for years until the stitching disintegrated a few years back. We're sitting in front of an old abandoned gas station just off downtown Dallas. I have a photo of it somewhere that I will try to dig up. Worthwhile to include a photo of it because it was an art deco beauty! To come. . .

LISA: Ah, yes, I remember that gas station! It was very cool. And I remember you taking a very good pic of it.