Gig History
GET SMART! The Gig History
DateVenueCity, StateOther Bands
10/31/1980Greek Sports DeskLawrence, KSThe Regular Guys
11/21/1980Greek Sports DeskLawrence, KSThe Regular Guys
11/29/1980Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KSThe Regular Guys
12/04/1980Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
12/06/1980The LoftLawrence, KSThe Clean
12/12/1980Private PartyLawrence, KS
12/17/1980Parody HallKansas City, MO
01/16/1981The DownlinerKansas City, MODuChamp
01/17/1981The DownlinerKansas City, MODuChamp
01/20/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
01/30/1981The DownlinerKansas City, MO
01/31/1981The DownlinerKansas City, MO
02/06/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
02/28/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSThumbs
03/14/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
03/20/1981The Music BoxKansas City, MO
03/25/1981Pogo'sKansas City, MO
04/01/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
04/03/1981Oliver Hall DormitoryLawrence, KS
04/08/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
04/11/1981Beaux Arts BallKansas City, MO
04/17/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
04/18/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
04/24/1981Centennial ParkLawrence, KSThe Micronotz
05/05/1981KJHK Open House, Potter's PavilionLawrence, KSThumbs and four others
05/08/1981Beaux Arts Ball, University of KansasLawrence, KS
05/13/1981Talk Talk magazine flexidisc releasedLawrence, KS
05/16/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSThe Teardrop Explodes
05/26/1981Recording at Ramona StudiosLawrence, KS
05/28/1981Recording at Ramona StudiosLawrence, KS
05/29/1981Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KSAbuse
05/30/1981Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KSAbuse
06/02/1981DestinationsOklahoma City, OK
06/13/1981Private PartyKansas City, MO
06/17/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
06/19/1981The Music BoxKansas City, MO
06/20/1981The Music BoxKansas City, MO
06/29/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
07/03/1981The CedarWichita, KS
07/24/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSYardapes
07/25/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSYardapes
07/29/1981Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KS
07/31/1981The DrumstickLincoln, NE
08/01/1981The DrumstickLincoln, NE
08/14/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
08/15/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
08/18/1981Gaspar'sChicago, IL
08/20/1981Tut'sChicago, IL
08/22/1981Space PlaceChicago, IL
08/26/1981KJHK Benefit, Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSSansitol
08/27/1981KJHK Benefit, Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSYardapes, Micronotz
08/29/1981Glenn Morgan's Surf & Turf PartyLawrence, KSRed Hammer, Dalton Howard's Go-Cats
09/12/1981The Forum BuildingWichita, KS
09/14/1981Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KSThe Go Gos
09/25/1981The Music BoxKansas City, MO
09/26/1981The Music BoxKansas City, MO
10/02/1981Billie Goat HillSt.Louis, MOBe-Vision
10/03/1981Billie Goat HillSt.Louis, MOBe-Vision
10/11/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSEmbarrassment, Micronotz, Yardapes
10/23/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
10/24/1981Off the Wall HallLawrence, KS
02/05/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSStart
02/06/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSStart
02/10/1982Parody HallKansas City, MOThe Yardapes
02/13/1982Kansas City Art InstituteKansas City, MOBCR
02/19/1982The CedarWichita, KSThe Mortal Micronotz
02/20/1982The CedarWichita, KSThe Mortal Micronotz
02/26/1982Music BoxKansas City, MOStart
02/27/1982Music BoxKansas City, MOStart
03/06/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSTav Falco's Panther Burns
03/17/1982Up the AlleyWichita, KSThe Embarrassment
04/02/1982The DrumstickLincoln, NEThe Click
04/03/1982The DrumstickLincoln, NEThe Click
04/10/1982Billie Goat HillSt Louis, MO
04/17/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSThe Red
05/02/1982Jayhawk Jam, University of KansasLawrence, KS
05/19/19824th & PineSt. Louis, MOThe Bad Beats
05/20/1982The Blue NoteColumbia, MOStart
06/04/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSRitual Romance
06/09/1982Music BoxKansas City, MOMicronotz
06/10/1982Howard Street TavernOmaha, NEThe Click
06/11/1982The DrumstickLincoln, NEThe Click
06/12/1982The DrumstickLincoln, NEThe Click
06/14/1982Mother's (So's Your Mother)Des Moines, IA
06/15/1982Seventh Street EntryMinneapolis, MNSoul Asylum
06/17/1982StarshipMilwaukee, WI
06/18/1982Second StoryBloomington, INGlass Factory? (Later known as Sally's Dream.)
06/19/1982Club C.O.D.Chicago, IL
06/22/1982Pirates CoveCleveland, OH
06/23/1982Crazy Mama'sColumbus, OH
06/25/1982Sam'sDayton, OH
06/26/1982The Brew HouseCincinnati, OH
06/27/1982Tewligan's TavernLouisville, KY
06/29/1982WAIF Live BroadcastCincinnati, OH
07/01/1982Living RoomProvidence, RI
07/02/1982MavericksBoston, MA
07/03/1982The Brew HouseCincinnati, OHThe Auburnaires
07/19/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSThe Dancing Cigarettes
07/23/1982Sherwood ForestIndependence, KS
07/24/1982Sherwood ForestIndependence, KS
07/28/1982The Blue NoteColumbia, MOX
08/18/1982Off the Wall HallLawrence, KSA Testament of Youth, Ritual Romance
09/03/1982The Music BoxKansas City, MOMicronotz
09/04/1982The Music BoxKansas City, MOMicronotz
09/05/1982Surf & Turf PartyLawrence, KSOther Geese, Start
09/07/1982The Blue NoteColumbia, MOStart
09/17/1982Recording at Ramona StudiosLawrence, KS
09/18/1982Recording at Ramona StudiosLawrence, KS
09/24/1982Satellite UnionLawrence, KS
10/02/1982Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KS
10/06/1982The Blue NoteColumbia, MOThe Embarrassment
10/15/1982Adrian'sKansas City, MO
10/17/1982Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KSRitual Romance, John Doe
10/20/1982The BeatLouisville, KY
10/21/1982Caesar's PubIndianapolis, IN
10/22/1982Second StoryBloomington, INThe Dancing Cigarettes
10/23/1982Second StoryBloomington, INThe Dancing Cigarettes
11/04/1982The DrumstickLincoln, NEStart
04/23/1983Union BallroomWaukesha, ILThe Rock-a-Dials
07/23/1983Second StoryChicago, INYour Food
09/25/1983Cubby BearChicago, IL
10/30/1983Cubby BearChicago, IL
11/14/1983FroggiesBurnham, IL
12/02/1983Second StoryBloomington, INSign Language, DiaTribe
01/21/1984Heartbreak HotelSt. Louis, MOPage Three
02/19/1984ExitChicago, IL
04/25/1984Club 950/Lucky NumberChicago, IL
04/27/1984Heartbreak HotelSt. Louis, MONewspeak
04/28/1984KJHK WoodshockLawrence, KS
04/29/1984The BrickyardLincoln, NE
04/30/1984Harling's UpstairsKansas City, MO
05/01/1984The BoweryOklahoma City, OK
05/02/1984The Crystal PistolTulsa, OK
05/04/1984The Loft (Party)Lawrence, KS
05/07/1984The RoomerDyer, IN
05/09/1984Cantrell'sNashville, TN
05/10/1984Cafe LMNOPLexington, KY
05/12/1984Jockey ClubCincinnati, OH
05/13/1984Tewligan's TavernLouisville, KY
05/16/1984Stache'sColumbus, OH
05/17/1984PaychecksDetroit, MI
05/18/1984Pop ShopCleveland, OH
05/19/1984Delta UpsilonPhiladelphia, PA
05/21/1984East Side ClubPhiladelphia, PA
05/22/1984CBGBsNew York, NY
05/25/198440 Watt ClubAthens, GA
05/27/1984Twilite RoomDallas, TX
05/28/1984Cabaret VoltaireHouston, TX
05/30/1984Mississippi NightsSt. Louis, MO
05/31/1984Antennae ClubMemphis, TN
06/03/1984West EndChicago, IL
07/26/1984Cubby BearChicago, ILGreen
07/27/1984Heartbreak HotelSt. Louis, MOFun & Anguish
08/06/1984The RoomerDyer, IN
08/11/1984Halsted Market Street FairChicago, IL
08/24/1984Cubby BearChicago, IL
08/31/1984Cafe LMNOPLexington, KY
09/01/1984Tewligan's TavernLouisville, KY
09/02/1984Jockey ClubCincinnati, OH
09/03/1984The FountainAkron, OH
09/05/1984PaychecksDetroit, MI
09/07/1984Second StoryBloomington, IN
09/10/1984Genesis IISt Louis, MONewspeak
09/11/1984The Blue NoteColumbia, MO
09/14/1984Harling's UpstairsKansas City, MO
09/15/1984University of KansasLawrence, KS
09/18/1984Blue NoteColumbia, MO
09/19/1984The BoweryOklahoma City, OK
09/22/1984The BrickyardLincoln, NE
09/24/1984Kenwood Inn,
09/30/1984Club 950/Lucky NumberChicago, IL
10/20/1984BunchesEast lansing, MI
10/26/1984Ohio University Art SchoolColumbus, OH
10/27/1984JB'sKent, OHGreen, Game Theory
11/01/1984Loyola Radio ConferenceChicago, IL
11/02/1984Pierce HallChicago, IL
11/30/1985Cleveland UndergroundCleveland, OH
12/01/1984Underground RailroadMorgantown, WV
12/06/1984Maxwell'sHoboken, NJGreen
12/07/1984Peppermint LoungeNY, NY10,000 Maniacs
12/08/1984City GardensTrenton, NJGreen
12/09/1984CBGBsNY, NYAlex Chilton, The Replacements
12/12/1984Cat's CradleChapel Hill, NC
12/13/1984688 ClubAtlanta, GA
12/14/1984Milestone ClubCharlotte, NC
12/15/198440 Watt ClubAthens, GA
12/19/1984Heartbreak HotelSt. Louis, Mo
01/25/1985Lawrence Opera HouseLawrence, KSPedaljets, Odd One Out
02/01/1985Concert FactoryCosta Mesa, CACrystal Image
02/02/1985Club LingerieHollywood, CABroken Homes, Del Fuegos
02/03/1985Club CultureSanta Cruz, CAHaven Terrace
02/04/1985Berkeley SquareBerkeley, CALes Moderns
02/06/1985Mabuhay GardensSan Francisco, CAAt the Zoo, Maxwell Smart, Top Cat
02/07/1985Loyola Marymount CollegeLos Angeles, CA
03/14/1985Cabaret MetroChicago, ILLet's Active
03/29/1985Two FoolsDekalb, ILWayne Foundation
04/13/1985Cubby BearChicago, ILCurtiss A
04/19/1985Cabaret MetroChicago, ILJason and the Scorchers
04/20/1985Harper's WeeklyRockford, IL
04/21/1985Cubby BearChicago, IL
04/27/1985West EndChicago, ILTete Noir
05/03/1985Two FoolsDekalb, ILWayne Foundation
05/12/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/13/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/14/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/15/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/20/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/21/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/22/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
05/23/1985Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
06/01/1985Harper's WeeklyRockford, IL
06/20/1985Mississippi NightsSt Louis, MOHusker Du
08/24/1985Waterfront DaysRockford, IL
08/25/1985Grinnell CollegeGrinnell, IA
10/19/1985Harper's WeeklyRockford, IL
10/26/1985Two FoolsDekalb, IL
11/14/1985Coyote ClubWichita, KSDel Fuegos
11/15/1985Past the Pavement HallLawrence, KS(venue also known as the Outhouse)
12/07/1985West EndChicago, ILEleventh Dream Day, The Indigos
02/15/1986Cabaret MetroChicago, ILGreen & Eleventh Dream Day
03/29/1986GasparsChicago, ILIndigo's & Wayne Foundation
04/03/1986The ArmorySt. Louis, MOThe Replacements
04/25/1986Harper's WeeklyRockford, ILWayne Foundation
04/26/1986Two Fool'sDekalb, ILWayne Foundation
05/03/1986WRSEElmhurst, IL
05/09/1986Cabaret MetroChicago, ILEIEIO, Colortone, Ack Ack
05/11/1986Park WestChicago, IL
05/14/1986Cogburn'sLawrence, KS
05/15/1986The Blue NoteColumbia, MO
05/17/1986The BrickyardLincoln, NE
05/22/1986O'CayzMadison, WIThe Mopes
05/24/1986The Igloo CubChicago, IL
05/30/1986Lefty'sGreen Bay, WI
06/01/1986Cafe VoltaireMilwaukee, WI
06/02/1986The UptownMinneapolis, MN
06/03/1986The DrumstickLincoln, NE
06/05/1986The Club NitroTulsa, OK
06/07/1986Velvet UndergroundOklahoma City, OK
06/14/1986Raji's Hollywood, CA
06/15/1986Nino'sTucson, AZ
06/19/1986Club LingerieHollywood, CA
06/20/1986New GenerationSan Diego, CA
06/25/1986OasisSan Francisco, CA
06/26/1986Safari Sam'sHuntington Beach, CA
07/10/1986The Vic TheaterChicago, IL
07/16/1986Great ScottLexington, KY
07/17/1986Bogart'sCincinnati, OH
07/18/1986Tewligan's TavernLouisville, KY
07/19/1986The Blue NoteColumbia, MOSoul Asylum
07/22/1986CogburnsLawrence, KS
07/23/1986SROTulsa, OK
07/24/1986Velvet UndergroundOklahoma City, OK
07/25/1986Theatre GalleryDallas, TX
07/26/1986WoodshockAustin, TX
07/27/1986The BeachAustin, TX
07/30/1986Cabaret VoltaireHouston, TX
07/31/1986CappsNew Orleans, LA
08/01/1986ChimesBaton Rouge, LA
08/02/1986W. C. DonsJackson, MS
08/05/1986Elliston SquareNashville, TN
08/15/1986GasparsChicago, IL
08/16/1986Lili'sDetroit, MI
08/17/1986Rick's EastLansing, MI
08/18/1986The Blind PigAnn Arbor, MI
08/24/1986Grinnell CollegeGrinnell, IA
08/25/1986O'CayzMadison, WI
08/26/1986Gabe'sIowa City, IA
08/27/1986Howard Street TavernOmaha, NE
08/28/1986Café VoltaireMilwaukee, WI
08/30/1986StebsCedar Falls, IA
08/31/1986The UptownMinneapolis, MN
09/02/1986The DrumstickLincoln, NE
09/03/1986CogburnsLawrence, KS
11/12/1986Cabaret MetroChicago, IL
11/17/1986Club SodaKalamazoo, MI
12/11/1986Trito'sChampaign, IL
12/14/1986ExitChicago, ILMaterial Issue
01/11/1987Chicago Recording CompanyChicago, IL
01/13/1987Pulse Cable TV ShowSchaumberg, IL
01/23/1987SteppsChicago, ILTribe
01/31/1987University of Notre DameSouth Bend, INPrecious Wax Drippings, Detached Retina, Youth in Asia
02/04/1987Cabaret MetroChicago, ILGreen, Wait for Light
02/28/1987Club StodolaChicago, ILCertain Things
03/14/1987Batteries Not IncludedChicago, ILWatchmen
05/30/1987Cubby BearChicago, ILThese Tambourines, Hunting Sleeve
03/31/1988Cubby BearChicago, IL
04/30/1988Cubby BearChicago, IL
04/30/1988Cubby BearChicago, IL
07/19/1990Clearwater SaloonChicago, IL
08/23/1990Clearwater SaloonChicago, IL