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Reverb Nation - Get Smart! page on Reverb Nation
Facebook - Get Smart! page at Facebook
Rate Your Music - Get Smart! page at RYM
Sledbag - Fan page created by Brendan deVallance, Get Smart's #1 fan.
(Many thanks to Brendan for giving Get Smart! a web presence for so many years).
Wikipedia - the Wikipedia entry for Get Smart!
eBay - use this link to search for Get Smart! records on ebay
Trouser Press - the Trouser Press entry for Get Smart!
Lost Bands of the 80's - article on Get Smart!
Last Days Of Man On Earth - blog about the "Action Reaction" LP
I Supply The Country With Butter - another blog about the "Action Reaction" LP
Kill From The Heart - KFTH's Get Smart! page
Rock Star Journalist - a write up of the "Get Smart!" gig that Marc did in July 2008
Mike Blur's Fliers - Mike has assembled many old Get Smart! gig fliers on his web site.
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Dead Milkmen #1 - Get Smart! gets a mention in their blog
Dead Milkmen #2 - Get Smart! gets another mention in their blog

GET SMART! Musician Links
Lisa Crowe - Lisa's Facebook page.
Cryin' Out Loud - Marc Koch's current band
The Honeybees - Lisa's previous band.
Dolly Varden - Another band Lisa was in.
Nora O'Connor - Lisa used to play in the Nora O'Connor Band.
Reaction - Bob Lara's pre-Get Smart! band.
Ric Menck - Ric Menck's myspace page.
Velvet Crush - Trouser Press article on Ric Menck's band.

Other Links
The Embarrassment - Friends from Lawrence (Wichita)
Mortal Micronotz - Another Lawrence band
The Dead Milkmen - Enigma label mates
Robbie Fulks - A friend and neighbor of Lisa's in Wilmette, IL