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GET SMART! Promo Shots

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When: 1984
Photographer: Kenny Fulk
Notes: FRANK: I'm not exactly sure of the date of the photo, but if I did a little research I could figure it out. Just have to look it up in my datebooks that I saved from that year. I think it was 1984, but could be earlier.

The pic was taken at the Kansas City bus terminal, where we had stopped to drop off either Kenny Fulk or Todd Kitchen, who had been touring with us. I'm pretty sure it was Todd.

We had just driven all night from a gig in Cincinnati and you can tell by the bleary eyes and bad hair day we were all having. Before that, we had driven all night from Boston to Cincy--oh the joys of life on the road. On and on! Somewhere I have a photo of the van we toured around in, will look for that sometime. It needs to be part of the whole web site too!

The photo has a grainy quality that you just don't get with today's digital cameras. That grain was produced by pushing the film--shooting it faster than the suggested ASA and with a faster shutter speed. Again, probably shot on my old Pentax K1000 by Kenny Fulk.

LISA: It's scary how much of my own life I have forgotten. But I do remember the fatigue and the bad hair days. Frank, I'm amazed at your memory. I am loving this photo odyssey!

MARC: Frank, are you sure it wasn't St. Louis to drop off Kenny Fulk? I could be wrong. Maybe too many pink Hostess Sno-Balls! My K-Swiss tennis shoes were hand-me-downs from Lisa's dad, Michael Wertman. I would not have bought them. Some memories of that Boston gig = Played at a strip club down in the ocean dock area with a number of bands including Salem 66 (great chick band!). We got ripped off by the promoters - I was paid with a wad of $1.00 bills totaling only several dollars while we were on stage. We should have been paid $200.00. Of course, they were gone when the show was over.

FRANK: Yes, I remembered it as St. Louis too, but I couldn't figure out why we were dropping Kenny off there... Maybe he was going on to Lawrence and we were heading up to Chicago??? Anyway, St. Louis it is, I'll try not to second guess myself again.