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GET SMART! Promo Shots

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When: Mid 80's
Photographer: Jim Jones
Notes: FRANK: Well, I have a lot of favorites and this one ranks right up there. Pretty freakin hilarious if you ask me. I had forgotten about it. This one was taken in Lincoln, NE while we were killing time. They had a one room schoolhouse set up at the state fair, which was happening at the time. At least, that's what I remember.

LISA: I, of course, remember nothing. I didn't even remember this picture! But I do love it, including my "mullet". Frank, I like you the best in this one!

FRANK: Yes, I think I have just the right air of irony about me! Hardy, Har! I've got a great one still to scan of me with an amazing head of hair. Looks like I got hit with a Van deGraaf generator! On the bright side, there are lots of other great pics where we all look fabulous, cool, and smart!